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Feed The Facts - An Eating Disorder Awareness Curriculum

Eating disorders flourish in secrecy and shame. MOEDA is committed to breaking the silence around eating disorders. The Feed The Facts Program is an interactive, informative and educational curriculum designed as a supplement to middle and high school health classes.  It is critical that students are educated about the facts and dangers of eating disorders and that they know how to help themselves or someone who may be engaging in eating disorders behaviors. MOEDA is the only eating disorder organization in Missouri providing critical and targeted information through our curriculums designed to address this serious and deadly health epidemic. The program provides the facts about eating disorders and corrects the myths. Students learn the signs and symptoms, how to help someone and how to help yourself. The workshop is presented by therapists, parents and/or someone in recovery so that students can learn the devastating nature of this illness. Through education, students are empowered to take an active role in their own health and advocate for anyone struggling. This program sparks a change in thinking and behaviors. MOEDA believes it is important to drive early interventions which are proven result in early diagnose and recovery. Research proves early intervention and prevention education is effective and even saves lives.

If you are interested in the Feed The Facts Program for your school or becoming a volunteer presenter, Click here for more information.